The legal market in Asia was sent on a spin with the Chinese stock market crash in August, whose shock waves were felt, globally. These economic troubles sparked greater concerns about the sustainability of China’s economic growth and the repercussions of a potential slowdown of the economy to the existing law firms and international firms.

Local and international firms have managed to have ridden through this tumultuous wave, calmly. Notwithstanding the slowing down of China’s economic growth there has been rapid expansion in both the depth and breadth of demand for legal services in China. As The Lawyer noted in their article on China Elite:  “This expansion has been fuelled both by the growing complexity in the country’s legal and regulatory framework and by the government’s determination to rebalance the economy by relying more on private enterprises and domestic consumption for growth.” The consequences of this and other pertinent issues will be thoroughly discussed at the Legal Leaders Asia Forum in Hong Kong.

The 3rd Legal Leaders Asia Forum is an opportunity for both international and independent firms already established in Asia or with an eye towards the path to Asia, to congregate and learn amongst peers. The event offers an innovative learning programme, networking evening and an interactive approach is an ideal setting for the frank exchange of ideas amongst the leaders of law firms from within and across the region.


This event has been exclusively produced to address the function and capacity of the following position holders from mid-tier to large law firms:

• Managing Partners (current and imminent)
• Executive Committee members including Chief Executive Officers; Chairperson
   Chief Operation Officers

• Senior Partners with an eye towards Management

• General Counsel from leading organisations


  • - Dentons Pivot to the Pacific Rim
    - Technology and Disruption - The Modern Dilemma
    - Disruptive Forces And The Legal Market | Innovation And Solutions
    - The China Market - Dealing with the Perception and Reality
    - A Legal Market Overview

  Below is the 2015 overview: