The Managing Partners Exchange Series are events specifically created for anyone in or moving into a role of leadership. They are designed to offer skills and guidance through targeted topics that will enhance and develop their role


The transition process of becoming a leader goes beyond skill and perspective in motivating people towards achieving a common goal for a common cause. It also requires a measure of balancing professional responsibilities, managing growth and change within the firm and also motivating teams. The importance of developing these skills and learning amongst peers from acclaimed experts is what the MPX Roundtables are all about. The event will be a full day of learning vital leadership skills and sharing situations and experiences and through the guidance of our expert facilitators


Topics discussed include:

  • Leading in a Hybrid Diverse World

  • Leading for Inclusion

  • 2 + 2 + 2

  • Three changes you absolutely need to make to evolve from lawyer to leader

confirmed speakers

  • Holly Ransom | CEO | EMERGENT

  • Danielle Kelly | Global Director for Culture & Inclusion | HERBERT SMITH FREEHILLS

  • Mark Rigotti | Partner & Former Global Managing Director | HERBERT SMITH FREEHILLS

  • Anthony Kearns | Chief Client Experience Officer | LANDER & ROGERS

  • Greg Dickason | Managing Director | LEXIS NEXIS



Holly Ransom is a globally renowned content curator, powerful speaker and master questioner with the belief that if you walk past it, you tell the world it’s okay. Named one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women by the Australian Financial Review, she has delivered a Peace Charter to the Dalai Lama, was Sir Richard Branson’s nominee for Wired Magazine’s ‘Smart List’ of Future Game Changers to watch and was awarded the US Embassy’s Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Leadership Excellence in 2019. Having interviewed the likes of Barack Obama, Malcolm Gladwell, Richard Branson, Billie Jean-King, Condoleezza Rice, Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus and the world’s first humanoid robot Sophia, Holly fights complexity with curiosity, apathy with empowerment and fear with fact. As a Fulbright scholar and Harvard Kennedy School Class of ’21 fellow, Holly is a recipient of the prestigious Anne Wexler Public Policy Scholarship, allowing her to action social and economic inclusion by connecting people with the decisions that affect their lives




In a hybrid world where change is inevitable, to adapt is to survive. But what constitutes thriving? Trust becomes a currency anchored to collective purpose, healthy feedback cultures and authentic leadership. Curiosity evolves as essential to unlock old assumptions, innovate and challenge the status quo. Living and leading outside our comfort zone points us not only in the direction of our own moral compass but the moral imperative of driving the change we hope to see in the world. Diversity is the equation summing up our success and summoning our ability to lead inclusive workplaces, communities, and households. The future is ours, but it requires all of us, individually and collectively, to show up and lead it.


In this 'Leader to Leaders Expert Series,' Holly Ransom shares the lessons she's learned at the feet of a diverse array of changemakers who have forged their own path, sustained their love of learning and welcomed new mindsets, methods, and skills mastery into the process. Ultimately, leaders will continue to be judged by growth metrics in the future, but these will involve their personal growth journey, the growing of others, and a growing awareness of a more balanced world, ahead of P&L-based motivation. Holly's new book, The Leading Edge, is available now and democratises leadership learning to enable more people to be the change the world needs

danielle kelly

Danielle is the Global Director of Culture & Inclusion at Herbert Smith Freehills. Through her work with General Counsels, lawyers at HSF and the legal profession more broadly, she has become a recognised thought leader on diversity, inclusion and workplace culture. Danielle is also a mentor and advisor to many partners across the firm and leads a team which works closely with partners and clients in relation to the role leaders can play in shifting workplace culture to be more inclusive. Danielle supports the firm’s global Executive and Council to ensure that the firm’s broader strategy is aligned with its commitment to diversity and inclusion. As a member of the firm’s People & Culture Advisory Board, Danielle is regularly leveraging opportunities to make more explicit the link between diverse and inclusive cultures and innovation and creativity. Herbert Smith Freehills’ Leading for Inclusion strategy sets out the vision to be the world’s leading law firm for its diverse and inclusive culture, and the strategy recognises the pivotal role that mental health and wellbeing plays in high performing teams.

Danielle has led the development and implementation of a range of global initiatives including the junior partner sponsorship programme; the firm’s mental health strategy (including a mental health champion program comprising over 500 mental health champions globally); 10 Actions for Change in relation to ethnic diversity and, (working with Mark Rigotti, the firm’s former CEO), a series of GC Inclusion forums focussed on specific aspects of diversity, inclusion and culture. Danielle is also responsible for Herbert Smith Freehills’ sponsorship of The Australian Ballet, a partnership which originally developed as a way of expanding senior client networking opportunities for female partners, but has since become one of the most highly sought-after client events in the firm. She also leads the firm’s sponsorship of the Art Gallery of NSW.


Formerly a lawyer herself, Danielle is passionate about creating inclusive workplace cultures where people are supported to thrive. Danielle is a member of the Law Society of NSW’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, represents the firm on the Disability Discrimination Commissioner’s IncludeAbility Network and is the HSF lead for the GC for D&I group.



Danielle will discuss why attracting, retaining and promoting a diverse range of people within an inclusive culture is core to how law firms engage their people, serve their clients, innovate and ensure that their actions are values-aligned.


By reference to key learnings from Herbert Smith Freehills’ journey in relation to diversity and inclusion, she will focus on inclusive leadership, the importance of data in ensuring the robustness of diversity initiatives, the role of diversity targets and the need to stay curious if we are to maintain our energy for what is essentially infinite work. She will also address emerging priorities in an age of increased employee expectations regarding diversity and workplace culture more broadly.

mark rigotti


Mark is a Partner and Senior Adviser based in the Sydney office.

He is the immediate past CEO of HSF having served as the Global CEO for two terms over 2014-2020. He was also Chair of the firm's Global Executive, Chair of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Group and a Member of the HSF Global Partnership Council.

Mark is the Chair of the Open Society, Common Purpose taskforce, whose members include the CEOs of the Law Council of Australia, PwC Australia, Settlement Services International, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and academics from The University of Sydney. The taskforce was established late 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mark is the chair of Redkite Children's Charity and is a Board Member of the European Australian Business Council and the Australia Korea Business Council. Additionally, Mark is a member of the Business Council of Australia and the Financial Services Institute of Australia.

Mark was based in London from 2013 until 2020.

Mark was responsible for developing and driving the firm's “Beyond 2020” global strategy during his 6 years as CEO.

Under his leadership, Mark implemented:

  • 8 office openings,

  • Delivery of an ambitious growth strategy resulting in the launch of

  • several new offices, with a particular focus on EMEA and Asia,

  • Continued strong financial performance including year-on-year growth in revenue and profit,

  • Developing the firm's global Alternative Legal Services business - including by rapidly extending the Belfast office operations into Australia, China and Africa, and

  • Over 150 partner promotions and 75 lateral partner appointments.



2 + 2 + 2

Reflections on 2 things I wish I had known for each of the following phases :


- Transitioning into the Managing Partner role

- During the Managing Partner role

- Transitioning out of the Managing Partner


Lessons from the front line and workshop to share equivalent insights from participants.

anthony kearns

Anthony Kearns is a leading expert and thought leader in lawyer performance, systems and leadership. He is an expert facilitator, adult educator, executive coach and organisational development consultant who helps General Counsel optimise the performance of the legal supply chain. He works exclusively with in-house legal teams of large corporates to ensure that their function is aligned with key value drivers of the business and working in the most efficient way. He also works with legal leaders to build capability in leading sustainable high-performance and adaptive change both within the legal function and across the organisations they serve.


In addition to running a consulting practice, Anthony is the Chief Client Experience Officer at Lander & Rogers and is privileged to lead the "highest performing team of business professionals he has ever worked with". He is also a Senior Fellow at Melbourne Law School where he teaches the first Australian masters-level program in legal leadership.


Anthony is a recovering lawyer who has also worked as a risk management consultant, leadership development manager and as a senior executive in both a global law firm and an international engineering company. He has been a visiting lecturer at Harvard Law School since 2010 where he also helped design the first-ever law school program in the Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making. He has honours degrees in Law and Science from the Australian National University, a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne (valedictorian) and has completed the Teaching and Learning Program at the Hasso Plattner Design School at Stanford University.


Three changes you absolutely need to make to evolve from lawyer to leader

In this fast-paced, engaging and provocative presentation, Anthony will reflect on 15 years working with individual lawyers and lawyer systems to develop leadership capability.


He will outline the three primary impediments that can prevent lawyers from becoming effective leaders in complexity and what you can do to overcome them.



This one day event is designed for everyone who believes that developing and nurturing the role of women in the legal industry benefits all, this includes everyone in the legal profession: Managing Partners, CEP, COO, Partners, Heads of HR; Diversity & Inclusion; Senior Associates, InHouse Counsel and both corporate and government legal departments








Managing Partner

Wallmans Lawyers

No matter how many times I attend the conference I am always enlightened by what is presented and appreciate the open discussions that surround both the formal and informal sessions.

Thank you to Chilli IQ!

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Managing Partner 

Cowell Clarke

Another great conference where as a Managing Partner I came away with 2 or 3 important ideas from most sessions to take back with me for discussion and/or implementation 

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